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These 10 startups didn't exist 5 years ago - now they're worth billions

by Farhan
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Silicon Valley can create immense value in just a short time. Just look at these 10 startups that didn't even exist five years ago, which are now valued at $1 billion or more,according to venture capitalists.

For the purposes of this list, Business Insider asked PitchBook Data to pull a list of US-based companies that were founded in 2012 or later - since we're nearing the end of 2016 - and that are private tech companies with a valuation of north of $1billion.

We then ranked them from least to most valuable based on their post-money valuations.

1) Cylance - Founded: 2012

        Cylance Inc. is an American software firm founded in2012. It develops antivirus programs and other kinds of computer software that prevent, rather than re actively detect, viruses and malware. The company is based in Irvine, California.

        Valuation: $1 billion

2) Illumio - Founded: 2013

        Illumio is an enterprise data center and cloud computing security company. Illumio was founded in 2013 by Andrew Rubin and PJ Kirner andis headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States.

        Valuation: $1 billion

3) Carbon3D - Founded: 2013

        Carbon (legally Carbon3D Inc.)is a technology company and manufacturer founded in June 11, 2014 by Joseph and Philip De Simone, based in Redwood City, California. It manufactures and develops 3D printers utilizing the Continuous Liquid Interface Production(CLIP) process, with their first commercial product being the M1.

        Valuation: $1 billion

4)Uptake Technologies - Founded: 2014

        Uptake is a predictive analytic SaaS [2] platform provider based in Chicago, Illinois. Co-founded by Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky, Uptake serves to optimize performance, reduce asset failures and enhance safety.

        Valuation: $1.1 billion

5) Flatiron Health - Founded: 2012

        Flatiron Health organizes netherworld oncology information and makes it useful for patients, physicians, life science companies and researchers.

        Today, Flatiron Health software connects community practices and cancer centers on a common technology infrastructure to address key healthcare challenges. Our goal is to power a national bench marking and research network to transform how cancer care is delivered.

        Valuation: $1.1 billion

6) Zoox - Founded: 2014

        Zoox is a robotics company founded by Tim Kentley-Klay and Jesse Levinson. We’re developing fully-autonomous vehicles and the supporting ecosystem required to bring this technology to market. Sitting at the intersection of robotics,machine-learning, and design, Zoox aims to provide the next generation of mobility-as-a-service in urban environments. We believe the transition to self-driving vehicles requires a combination of elegant vision and uncompromising execution.

        Valuation: $1.55 billion

7)Instacart - Founded: 2012

        Instacart's service is mainly provided through a smartphone app, available on iOS and Android platforms,apart from its website. Customers can pay with Android Pay and Apple Pay on their respective platforms.[1] Initially Instacart shoppers simply went to a store and purchased the ordered items at retail and, in addition to the delivery charge, added a markup of 10 to 20 percent. As the business has developed, the firm has established relationships with grocery firms which share their (store) existing markup, allowing Instacart users to shop a tin-store prices.

        Valuation: $1.9 billion

8) Blue Apron- Founded: 2012

        Blue Apron Inc. is an American meal delivery service that provides customers across the United States with weekly per-proportioned meals with recipes to subscribers.[1] Founded in August2012, the company ships 8 million meals per month.

        Valuation: $2 billion

9) Zenefits - Founded: 2012

        Zenefits is a company based in the United States that offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with health insurance coverage.

        Valuation: $2 billion

10) Pivotal Software - Founded: 2013

        Pivotal Software, Inc.(Pivotal) is a software and services company based in San Francisco and Palo Alto, California, with several other offices. Divisions include Pivotal Labs for consulting services, the Pivotal Cloud Foundry development group, a group developing some products for the big data market.

        Valuation: $2.8 billion

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